Anna Kendrick

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Nous sommes les punks

Cmon guys this is DDOOPPEE


Can we talk about this?


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Pictures of Ariana with Anna Kendrick at the backstages of Z100’s Jingle Ball


Anna Kendrick presenting Ariana Grande


when art suddenly emerges.

OMG that was in front of my house!!! On the rosenthaler Platz in Berlin *_* I filmed it. :D

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Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks
Anna Kendrick by Music4mix on Flickr.
Anna Kendrick by Music4mix on Flickr.

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'We're making flip books here at Scott Pilgrim Experience at Comic-Con. And we’re making t-shirts, I just made this t-shirt.’

'Mine are drying right now, but they're awesome. Better than his.'

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